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Christy Naples Hearing Center
Offers the Finest Hearing Services.

The Christy Naples Hearing Center Difference

"Try a Pair" Home Trial Program

Try a demonstration pair of hearing aids at home overnight in your own environment. (Some restrictions apply). Contact us for details.

Return Policy

You can return your hearing aid for whatever reason within 30 days (Restocking and service fees may apply)

Deeply Discounted Batteries for the Life of the Hearing Aid

Hearing aid batteries often need weekly replacement. Just stop at our office at your convenience.

Free Adjustments for the Life of the Hearing Aid

We fine tune your hearing aid to improve sound quality, voice and amplification.

Hearing Screening
We use specialized equipment to obtain accurate results about hearing loss. We inspect your eardrums with an otoscope, perform limited ear wax removal, conduct diagnostic audiologic tests, and check for medical-related hearing problems. Hearing loss is caused by medical problems about 10% of the time. Christy Naples is educated to recognize these medical problems and refer patients to ear, nose and throat physicians.

Hearing Aids And Assistive Listening Devices
​​​​​​​We Provide Complete Hearing Aid services to clients with hearing problems including education and training so that you get the most from your amplification and communication device. Hearing aid options are thoroughly discussed with each potential user based on the results of a complete series of hearing tests and the individual needs of each patient.

Franchise Brands vs. Manufacturer Brands
Christy Naples Hearing Center is not a franchise. Beltone, or Miracle Ear, are not manufacturers - they are actually made by other companies and labeled with a franchise name ... and come with significantly higher prices.

As an independent audiology clinic, we work directly with major manufacturers to find the best hearing instrument for your needs. Our manufacturer-direct relationships allow you to save money. All of our hearing aids carry the complete manufacturers’ warranty. When it comes to compatibility, selection, and value, Christy Naples Hearing Center can offer you innovative wireless hearing devices from the top manufacturers in the industry.  We even offer hearing aids with rechargeable batteries!  A new wireless and Bluetooth enabled hearing aid from Christy Naples Hearing Center not only will enhance your quality of life, but it will keep you from feeling isolated from the world around you.

Call Christy Naples Hearing Center: (740) 392-0221